Our Services

Hendersons The Gas People give expert advice and service, with prompt delivery of gas cylinders for home or business. We sell or rent bulk gas cylinders for Home, Industry, farm or warehouse needs.

Purchase your own bulk Cylinder and never pay rent again, call in or phone for a price on a “Customer Owned” Cylinder, we also supply fork lift cylinders, oxygen, acetylene and welding Gas cylinders.

We also do retesting of BBQ/Camping Cylinders to Car Automotive Tanksrs.

Call us for a schedualed delivery service set up for your WORRY FREE GAS SUPPLY, "YOU'LL NEVER RUN OUT OF GAS with Hendersons The Gas People."

Bulk Gas Cylinder supplies for house hold and industry alike. Read more . .

BBQ/Camping Cylinders filled or
Changeover Service

Oxygen Cylinders

Welding Gas Supplies

oxygen cylinders

Welding Gas, individual cylinders, or multipacks available

LPG gas tank

LPG Gas Cylinder testing for vehicles

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