Hendersons The Gas People supply Bulk Gas Cylinders,
and can save you money on your gas costs.


Bulk gas

You can hire or purchase a bulk Cylinder, and we can
organise re-fills on a regular basis.
Purchase a “Customer Owned”
210kg Cylinder for $1375.00 inc GST,

Delivered free within 80km of Kyneton

Bulk Gas Cylinders FOR SALE $1375.00 inc GST

Oxygen Gas

We supply gas to the welding industry and each bottle is checked before it leaves the depot.

Fork Lift Gas

       fork lift gas bottle supply
We also supply gas bottles for industrial fork lifts. We deliver to your warehouse and remove the used cylinders, service and refill the bottles for replacement.

Coregas Industrial Gas Cylinders - Oxygen, Acetylene, Welding Gases